Up & Coming

My next film is “Aidan’s Way.”
A TRUE STORY about a highly autistic child in the middle of nowhere, USA
and how THE TOWN beautifully gathers together to help this boy cope with his difficult life.
We are shooting that film on location in August somewhere in Amish country.
I play ROSE, the town funny lady.
First time ever i get cast in a southern belle role.
Loving it.

You & A Guest Have Been Chosen To Attend A Movie Premiere~


                                   “UNBILLIEVABLE” The Movie.

                                        A Hysterically Well-Made Comedy.
When: Wednesday June 26, 2024
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Laemmle Royal Theater 
    11523 Santa Monica Blvd.
   West Los Angeles, Ca. 90025
Dress Code: Comfortable. Cool. Handsome. Beautiful & A Big Smile.
Purchase Tickets: $20.00 @ Theater Website.*
*This also includes ‘The After Party’ @ Busby’s West Bar
      The Buffalo Bills (L.A. Fans) Favorite Hangout 
               3110 Santa Monica Blvd.
               Santa Monica, California
*Yours Truly is Playing Edie Rubinsky
Mel Gorham

This was the best comically written script Mel has ever read – so good that she came out of retirement to act in it as well as be a producer for the film.  This is her third project working with Scott Rubin, producer, writer and actor.

Stay Tuned! More info to come!