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The Black Hat Society Private Ladies Club

Miss Gorham founded and created an organization to help women learn to love themselves as well as each other entitled: The Black Hat Society Private Ladies Club.

Her most recent documentary film is based on the private ladies club she founded in 2015. The film, The Black Hat Society Private Ladies Club documentary was shot for a total of 12 meetings in one year.

It is a true insight of what a women’s club is actually like. The inner growths that you see happening throughout the year to all the members who participated in this film is evident….the pros and cons of starting a private club, because of never really finding a place she fit in, so she created her own place to hang her hat and it took off. The story clearly shows the many personalities that come and go… and those who stay for the longevity.  It was about giving and taking.

This film was unique for its rawness and for the way it was shot. Testimonies, disagreements, brutal honesty, heartbreaking stories and learning how to cope to love other women regardless of any personal feelings because at the end of the day, the club is the club.

Either stay or leave…either be a part, or not.  The Black Hat Society was considered a safe place to be.




This is a raw and deeply told story about real people. People who have had the luck to hit 85 plus years of life, and who are now facing the remainder of it. 13 wonderfully unique individuals were interviewed in just 3 days. The youngest at 85 an the oldest at 103.

Digging deep into their minds, their thoughts, beliefs, disbeliefs, their views on there own full lives — amazing, wisdom, came pouring out of each one of these magnificent chosen human beings. It is as if they really wanted this opportunity (at this time of their lives) on giving their honest testimonies and with that said, knowing that “their legacy” would live on forever in this film.

I began this project shooting a documentary short, and what I have come out with, was a full feature film. The gems, the unpolished raw diamonds I found inside these people, were far too interesting and powerful to cut out, in order to make a short film. That would have bastardized the films beauty, integrity and authenticity.

“the 13th floor” title was a dream I had. It was a very clear vision that came to me and I knew that I had to make a film about this great subject matter. This topic is normally never spoken about because it creates such discomfort in many. Yet, I have been guided by something much greater than myself in order to achieve this endeavor and see it to the end.

On every floor of every building, there is the purposely forgotten 13th floor and with most 80 plus year olds, this is true with them. They are thrown into facilities, on the streets, forgotten by their families who they spent their whole lives raising and become nuisances and a bother.

My huge attempt and reason to make this film happen was to open the minds of (at least one person) if not many, and to find a way in one’s heart to show respect, honor and dignity to the elderly ones on this earth. To let them know with a kind gesture or appreciative glance, that you know they exist.

If I can do that, I have greatly succeeded.

Executive Producer: Modesto A. Castro & Mel Gorham

“and who makes the clown laugh?”
An Autobiography & Documentary Film

A documentary film based on the life and loves of Actress, Comedienne, Artist, Mel Gorham.

This is A Poignant, Raw & Revealing Story of An American Actress’s difficult, yet gifted life & her memorable journey of A True Artists Perils. An Only Child born in Miami to a Cuban Catholic Mother and An American Jewish Father from Romanian decent. She boldly takes you through a journey from Miami to Broadway to Los Angeles & back.

Emotional, funny, shocking, and sad stories of how those experiences shape her current life and loves, dogs and feminine empowerment. All as told to Jerry Hinkle in one take, in one day, captured in Stark Black & White.

Concept & Production: Mel Gorham
Director of Photography: Jerry Hinkle and Ralph Rennick III
Camera & Editing: Ralph Rennick III
Hair, Makeup,Set Design: Hillary Hinkle
Supporting Actress: Isabella The Great Dane
Soundtrack: Mel Gorham
“Send In The Clowns” performed by Mel Gorham