Mel has become a writer & published author.  Her first children’s book: “The Perils of Isabella the Great Dane” published by Simon & Schuster Archway Publishing House, can be purchased on and Barnes & Noble and carries a 5 star rating.  She is completing her second book which will be dedicated to children with anxiety, panic disorder and who are riddled with fear and insecurities. She is currently working alongside a child psychologist, Dr. George Hernandez in making sure to attack the problem by finding solutions to comfort the anxiety ridden children.

She wrote the second book in English and Spanish, as she did her first book, in order to reach as many children around the world as she possibly can, in bringing them a solution and positive outlook on this terrible disorder, a subject matter she knows well, understands and has lived with for over 20 years.

In production with a beautifully well made plush animal representing her late great Dane service dog Isabella, will hopefully become to children what “the blanket was to Linus Van Pelt” from Charlie Brown fame, bringing comfort, security and joy to the child.  This book will have the option of purchasing the great Dane service dog plush animal as well.

In rough times like these, her hope is to help many children, something so unfamiliar to her because she has never had children of her own, yet has written something so real for them to identify with (due to her own experiences) that branding her dog Isabella undoubtedly had to happen.

This particular great Dane helped Mel for 11 years with unconditional love, daily therapy and comfort during her battle with anxiety and panic attacks.

Their special bond started when Mel adopted Isabella as a rescue 3 month old puppy in Brazil, training her and teaching her how to deal when the panic attacks that came out of nowhere.

R.I.P.       “Isabella”

June 8, 2009  ~ February 5, 2020